6 Tips for Being On Set Ready

Whether it’s your first or your hundredth booking, being a model on set for a photo shoot can be very fun and exciting. The lights, cameras, hair and makeup are all very glamorous parts of the job.

However, it’s very important to not let the glitz and glam go to your head. You may be the hired talent being fussed over, but you’re still a professional who’s there to do a job. From the moment you arrive on set, you are a representative of not only yourself, but also your agency and the client who has hired you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re on set:

1. Always come prepared.

This includes bringing all of your necessary materials in your “model bag.” A model bag is something that a model brings with them on set. A few things that should be included in the bag are nude colored underwear and strapless bras for girls and razors and shave cream for guys. A complete list of useful items can be found HERE.


2. Be professional.

Remember to always be professional and courteous to everyone you meet, no matter what their job on set may be. Don’t talk poorly about anyone. Never discuss pay rate with others or ask when you will receive payment.

Identify the key players on set. Know who the client is, who the photographer is and who is doing what.


3. Watch what you say.

Don’t talk about what other jobs you’ve done while on set. This could jeopardize your work with the client if they think there will be some kind of conflict. Be careful to not express your opinions about the product or client or their competitors.


4. Be on time, if not a little early.

Always remember that you need to respect the time of the client and show up on set when you’re supposed to. In fact, you should be early.


5. Know what you have been booked for.

It is important to know the product/service you are shooting for and how your image will be used. You should know if you are shooting print, video or both. If your rate is for print only and they are shooting video, contact your agent. Do not question the client.


6. Do not sign any waivers or other documents other than your agency voucher.

If the client or photographer asks you to sign a waiver or release while you are on set, contact your agent right away. This waiver or release could allow the use of your image for more media, locations or time frame than was agreed upon. Be smart! Never sign anything without talking to your agent/booker.