Are you a Skyscraper or Strip Mall?

No, that’s not a fat joke! It’s a legitimate question…. You see, a good friend of mine who’s in the marketing business shared this question with me. A speaker she heard or book she read posed this question. Of course, like most marketing and social media gurus who read entirely too much and attend way too many seminars, she can’t remember where she heard it. But that’s beside the point.

The point is: are you a Skyscraper or a Strip Mall? You see, according to the unknown source, there are two types of entrepreneurs: Skyscrapers and Strip Malls. The Skyscraper stays sharply focused on his main goal. He knows his business well and works hard to develop that one business, building it floor by floor, never losing sight of his end result. And, when he reaches that goal, there are new heights to reach, new goals, all in line with the main purpose of the business created. He’s successful, driven and very focused. The Strip Mall is a savvy businessman as well, but on an entirely different plane. He develops a business, grows it to be successful and self-sufficient and then, when opportunity comes along for something new, he moves on. He develops a new business, maybe related to the first, maybe not, it doesn’t matter, it’s still developed by him. He creates that business and he moves on to another. He is an entrepreneur among entrepreneurs. He’s a thinker and a visionary. He sees an opportunity and isn’t afraid to move on it.

Which one are you? One is not necessarily better than the other. They each come with their own share of risks, failures and successes. I am no psychologist or even sociologist, but I would imagine a great deal of how you operate in business has to do with your personality. Are you an extremely focused and driven individual, preferring to concentrate on one main task, or do you get bored easily and need challenges, change and risk to keep your attention?

The question posed isn’t just for the businessman. It really applies in all aspects of your life. What type of student are you? Parent? Friend? Actor? Model? Athlete? Think about it. In our business, we can relate this to the model and actor. Are you focused on your main goal or are you bouncing around trying to find different ways to get there? Are you with one agency who represents you across the board and is working hard for you or do you prefer to be with several agencies, each representing you for something different? One is not better than the other. People have succeeded both ways. But, as in anything, it is important to know who you are. Do you live your life as a Skyscraper, driven and constantly reaching for new heights or are you the Strip Mall, spreading yourself out seeking change and challenge? Regardless, as you travel on your journey to success, be sure to do it nobly and honorably because even Skyscrapers can fall and Strip Malls get dozed down.