Big Market Model Boot Camp – Week One

Our first week of training for modeling in the bigger markets has come and gone. The first session was all about the importance of shooting a good polaroid (or digital). This is the first step when visiting an agency, after getting in the door and meeting an agent, of course.

Once an agent has seen  you, talked to you, and looked at your book, they will take pictures of you right there in the agency. These pictures are referred to as “polaroids”– a throw back to the day of the polaroid camera. Today, the pictures are taken with a digital camera, but believe it or not, there are some who still use a polaroid. These pictures are extremely important for many reasons: 1) they are a way for the agent to review how well you do in front of a camera, 2) they allow the agent to review how you photograph “raw and fresh”–unphotoshopped, 3) they are taken back to the others who sit on the board (men’s, women’s or kids’ board) for review and acceptance. 

Polaroids are not always the most flattering pictures a model can take, but if done well, they are often used on the agency’s website and the model’s cards–until professional test shoots are done and the polaroid images can be replaced with the professional shots. The saying goes, “If you can make a polaroid look good, you can make anything look good.”

There’s more to shooting a polaroid than standing there have your mug shot–forward, now turn left, now right, and back front. Yes, it’s kind of like that, but a good model will know to do more than just stand and turn. Watch as the models learn how to shoot a good polaroid.