Blog Posting: This is Business. Don’t get pushed around. Be brave and play smart!

The Business of the Entertainment Business – Part I

It’s that time of year when our babies are leaving the nest and heading off to larger markets. Asia, Miami, LA. Our chickies are fleeing the coop and we want to be sure they are armed with knowledge and smarts.

With that being said, I am blogging what it is that we say to all of our models and actors tackling the crazy business we call entertainment and what we try to teach them. Refer back to this blog as often as necessary. It’s vital information for anyone going out into the world.

Part I: Never, ever forget you are in control! Don’t let an agent, manager, casting director intimidate you with the fact that they are an agent, manager, casting director. Don’t be timid, intimidated or scared of someone simply because of the title they carry. If you are uncomfortable with something; if you are unsure of something; if you have questions or just have a bad feeling–speak up!! Don’t be afraid to say something or question someone. Of course, be respectful and not belligerent or hostile. Simply speak.

If you’re nervous about saying something directly to this person, then talk to your Mother Agent/Manager. That’s what we are here for. If you have a good Mother Agent and/or Manager, they will listen to you, protect you, guide you and advise you. Maintain that relationship and respect that relationship. Your Mother Agent’s first concern is you and should be you.

Yes, this is a business and businesses survive by making money. But, the almighty dollar should not be the driving force behind or the sole reason for decisions made on you and your career. What is best for you morally, spiritually, emotionally, physically and professionally should all be taken into consideration first, rather than how much the job pays. You and your Mother Agent/Manager should base career and professional decisions on these factors above all else. Once those factors have been evaluated, then the money should be considered. Yes, the pay rate does matter. Are you being taken advantage of? Are you going to be compensated fairly? Does the pay rate reflect your ability level/skill level? Will the job be advantageous to you professionally and important for your resume/book? When you make smart decisions, intelligent decisions, thought-out decisions and not hasty decisions or blind decisions, all else will fall into place. Be courageous and be bold, but above all else, be SMART! As the wonderful Maya Angelo said, “I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.”