How To Take the Perfect Digitals!

Here’s a little tip for our models on how to take the perfect picture! From time to time, we may ask you to send us digitals. This is a good guide to make sure you look your absolute best. These are also great instructions for those of you who are thinking about submitting with us […]

Modeling Scams and How to Avoid Them

If you’ve read our earlier post on modeling scams, then you know that you need to be extra careful in this industry. There are plenty of people out there who take advantage of your hopes and dreams and promise you everything you’ve ever dreamed of, only to steal your money and never provide the services […]

40 Suits & 40 Ways to Wear Them

Pay attention! There’s more than one way to wear a suit. You can dress them up for work or dress them down for a day out running errands. Watch this very informative and stylish video to show you 40 ways to always look put together and sleek in a suit- no matter where you’re going!

Models.Com: “Jamaica’s New Wave” and the Prod’n Casting division, recently took a trip to Jamaica to check out these fresh new faces. Check out the article and pictures below and memorize these soon to be household names! and the casting division at Prod’n went south to take stock of Jamaica’s new wave of models ready for the […]

Summer Workout Tips from a Victoria’s Secret Model!

Summer is here! And during the summer, it’s important to remember to get some exercise and stay fit. Who better to give some workout tips than a Victoria’s Secret bikini model?Here’s an exclusive interview with Jasmine Tookes from Learn how she keeps in shape while promoting Victoria’s Secret’s new workout clothes.   StyleList: What is […]

GQ’s Best Dressed at the Met Gala

According to the fashion experts at, these seven men were the best dressed at Monday night’s Met Gala. Look at the pictures below and judge for yourself!   1. Ansel Elgort 2. Eddie Redmayne   3. Joe Manganiello 4. Michael B. Jordan 5. Paul Bettany 6. Jason Sudeikis 7. Robert Pattinson

Top 5 Rising Models

It’s no secret that the modeling world is ever-changing. Every year there are fresh new faces popping up and making a name for themselves. According to, some industry insiders have voted these five women as some of the top models to watch for in the upcoming years. Amilna Estevao     Lineisy Montero     […]

How To Become an Actor: Getting Into Acting vs. Staying With Acting

    Dan:I want to be an actor. James: Ok. Go act! Dan: Yeah, but I want to be paid to act. I want to do movies and television shows. James: Don’t we all? You share the same want that every other actor in the world has. Except, the only difference, is that they’ve gone […]

What’s In Your Closet? : Men’s Fashion Must-Haves

Guys, listen up, this one’s for you. There are times when it’s okay to dress in a pair of shredded jeans and a t-shirt and there are times when a classier wardrobe is required. You may not know much about fashion or style but here are a few things that every guy should have in […]

6 Tips for Being On Set Ready

Whether it’s your first or your hundredth booking, being a model on set for a photo shoot can be very fun and exciting. The lights, cameras, hair and makeup are all very glamorous parts of the job. However, it’s very important to not let the glitz and glam go to your head. You may be […]