IZON on the town

IZON Models taking over Will Call Downtown. Lindsy, Josh and Cameron representing. Stop in and say hi! Saturdays during football season.

Runway bookings

Congratulations Jo and Candace for your very first runway bookings in the big leagues! Jo in Chicago and Candace in Miami!

Chatterbox Screening in DC

Safe trip to Brianna and Caleb, and the whole Chomer Family and Jane Lawalata as they head up to Washington D.C. for the international screening of Chatterbox!! Congratulations Janey!! I know your country is proud of you. How exciting!

Auditions, auditions!

Congratulations, Brianna, Brooke, Allison, Aaron and Lindsy. Pilot, movie and hosting auditions. Oh my!

It’s catalog season…

If your pictures aren’t current, you’ll be missing out!

Welcome New Talent

Karen R., Carolyn M., Brandon N., Dale Margaret G. & Kerseh. You’ll see them on the site soon!

Keep an eye out….

IZON promo talent out everywhere!!

Congrats Lindsy…

booking a couple big jewelry trunk shows. Not a bad gig at all. Get to walk around adorned with expensive jewelry!