Congratulations Anthony!

For the Simplicity Patterns shoot! Very cute!

Gallery Night

Gallery Night is this Friday night in Downtown Pensacola. Come and see us!

More advice

A piece of advice from Nickelodeon casting. Good for everyone! “Research Research Research. Know ur character before the audition & if u don’t know what a word means look it up. :)”

iFilm Movie finally on YouTube

Sorry guys…I’m embarrassed to admit I was an idiot and spent hours trying to edit this movie down to fit on YouTube when someone reminded me I could just break it into two parts! It is now up! Hey, it’s not easy being perfect ALL THE TIME. You have to slip up every now and […]

Advice from the Industry

Pieces of advice from friend agents… 1) Keep various wardrobes in ur car: a biz suit, your go to “mom/dad” outfit, nice casual…if I know you’re prepared I’ll pitch u last minute. 2) In commercials most will play very close to their real ages. Not 25 playing 18. In tv/film it may be a wider. […]

iModel Camp

What a great week we had!! Great job to all of you! We learned everything from runway to photo movement to on-set makeup to spokesmodel. Check out our spokesmodel commercials! [youtube][/youtube]

AMTC Winter Auditions

We are now auditioning for the next group to take to AMTC. For more details and to see our real live success stories for signings and placements, go to our AMTC page on the website. THE WINTER COMPETITION WILL BE HELD JANUARY 5 – 10, 2010, IN ORLANDO. AUDITIONS Jacksonville – Saturday, Sep 5, 2009 […]

iModel camp…What a Blast!!

The first iModel camp is now over. Our teens had a great time learning runway, commercial modeling, fashion modeling and even spokesmodel. Check out our video on youtube to see what goofy things we were up to. [youtube][/youtube]

Congratulations Lindsy…

Lindsy will be the official Will Call MC during football season this year. Way to go Lindsy! Come out and see her on Saturdays at Will Call starting in September.

Bud girls everywhere!

If you see any Bud girls in your favorite restaurant/grill, in the stores, or at the beach….say hi! Those are IZON girls in disguise!