Chatterbox – The Movie Available on On Demand

That’s right! This is huge, people! Huge! Our very own Chatterbox – The Movie, starring Brianna C., Allison B., Caleb C., Mary Jo G. and Grace T. and a gazillion other IZON peeps will be available for viewing NATIONWIDE on On Demand, beginning Nov. 1.

The On Demand service is available nationwide on just about all cable and satellite services, including DirectTV, Cox, Mediacom, Comcast, etc. etc. So, yes, if you were in it, you can tell your family members and friends scattered all over it, to download your movie!

Tell everyone you know! Download it and watch a great family movie produced by CF2, LLC, with styling by Lisa R. with help from Sherly S. and casting by IZON and shot right here in little ‘ol Gulf Breeze, FL. Major props to Gulf Breeze Middle School!

Support this great movie. Download it and tell all your friends to do the same! We are very proud of this movie and all involved!