Fit Modeling: The job you’ve probably never heard of



When you think of modeling, chances are you probably picture some of the beautiful faces you come across in magazines or billboards. However, there is another form of modeling that is virtually unheard of for those outside of the business… Fit Modeling. Believe it or not, Fit Modeling has nothing to do with Fitness or Athletics.

Fit models perhaps have the most important job to designers. Their job is to essentially be a living, breathing mannequin. They try on garments prior to the production, which then gives the designers an idea on how their designs will look and fit on an actual person. The models give their feedback on how the clothes feel and just how comfortable or uncomfortable they are.

To have this job, fit models must have very specific measurements. They have to be the “perfect” size for designers to accurately base their designs off of their bodies. The average size for fit models is a size 6.

While they aren’t household names, a lot of fit models work full-time and are paid very well for it. It’s a great industry to look into if you think you have what it takes. It may not be as glamorous as what you picture a model to be, and you won’t have any cool photos to show off to your friends and family, but the job is still equally important to the fashion industry and you make great connections with some pretty awesome designers!