Life of a Model: Bailey M.

We have a special treat for everyone today! If you’ve been keeping up with IZON news, then you know that one of our very own, Bailey M., was recently signed to Wilhelmina Miami! Bailey went to Miami to do some test shoots earlier this month and she’ll be moving there permanently very soon! We asked her to write a short piece about her experiences modeling in Miami, to give everyone an idea of what it’s like to be signed to a major agency. Enjoy!


048Growing up in Pensacola, I am quite familiar with living close to the beach, but my trip to Miami Beach was much different than I expected. You could easily walk to the beach, movies, or a shopping center all within a few miles of the hotel. There was a nice sense of community that I loved and all the people I met were very friendly.

The agency that I signed with, Wilhelmina, is a lot like IZON, in the way that they operate. Other than the fact that there are a few more people working in the office, the setup is very similar. They have comp cards posted on the walls and people working hard on the computers trying to confirm bookings just like at IZON.

 I think one misconception about modeling is that it is an easy job or all you have to have is a pretty face.  It can be hard work with long hours. Modeling is not a mindless act, you have to think about how you are posing your whole body while also taking direction from the photographer. You have to put your best self forward even if you are having a bad day. It takes motivation and a good attitude, while also being able to take good photographs.

A typical day for me in Miami, involved waking up early and driving to the shoot locations. My mom did all the driving for me which was so convenient! Over the course of four days I had four different shoots with local  photographers. The shoots would last anywhere from 2-6 hours, but I enjoyed every minute of it!  It was great to meet makeup artists and photographers who all had different backgrounds and get to work with them to build my portfolio. After my shoots I would usually get something to eat and wind down the day with a gym session. Surprisingly, I didn’t meet many models on my trip. I stayed pretty busy for the most part, and so did the others. I did meet a few girls at some of my shoots, who were finishing up as I was getting there, but none who would be moving to Miami.

My favorite part about shooting in Miami was the atmosphere. The people I worked with seemed so passionate about what they do and I can only hope I work with similar photographers in the future. Shooting on location in 90 degree heat while wearing sweaters was not always pleasant but the scenery was always beautiful!

As I dive further into my career, I am most looking forward to meeting new people. And, of course, hopefully getting to travel to places I have never been. All of this has happened within the past year, and I am nervous but excited. I am so thankful for the ladies at IZON, who have helped open doors for me so I can have a shot at my dreams, and I am looking forward to the next few years with Wilhelmina Miami!

xx Bailey M

Be sure to wish Bailey luck on her journey!