Life of a Model: Walk the Runway With Cierra L.

If you’ve ever dreamed of walking the runway,  then you might think you have an idea of what it’s like from movies or tv shows. IZON model, Cierra L. is a natural when it comes to the catwalk. She’s walked in several shows and has recently signed with Wilhelmina Miami! We asked Cierra to answer a few questions about the typical runway life to give you a better idea of what to expect.


What is a typical casting like?006

It depends on the fashion show. Most of the local fashion weeks include attending a casting call, getting measurements, and walking for the panel of people. Once selected, you get an email letting you know who you are walking for – this is based on the requirements of designers/ boutiques. The designers in these castings don’t usually select their models directly.

Some castings, like SCFD (Southern Coalition of Fashion + Design) in NOLA, are different because they are in two phases. First phase is the casting call, which is the pretty much the same as the local fashion weeks casting calls. Second, you attend a go-see which all the designers at the event attend. Each model receives a number and walks for the designers at one time. Then you wait for your number to be called. Not all models are cast. It depends on if the model meets the requirements of each designer. A model number may be called several times or not at all. What I really like about these shows is that each designer gets to put on their show exactly like they want – with their vision. These are fun because they are artistic and unique.


What’s a typical day of a runway show like?

Call times are usually several hours before show time. Sometimes there is a lot of down time and I would catch up with friends. Each model gets hair and makeup done and maybe last minute fittings. Also, each designer want to do a walk through for their show. Some of the designers will want a certain walk or expression.

What is one misconception about modeling?

Mostly that other models are mean and competitive. I have made so many friends through modeling.


What is one misconception about runway?

The misconception applies to runway and modeling – that it is easy. Not at all!! Runway day is usually about 8 hours. Some people think models just go out there and walk but it takes a lot of practice.


How did you learn to walk runway?

I practiced a lot. I have always loved heels so that part was easy. At first, I was told I was kind of stiff so I worked on that. I have taken pointers from people and applied them. There are times when a designer wants you to walk a certain way (slower, faster, arms still, angry expression, etc.) so I have to practice that too.






Where do you see yourself in five years?

I would like to pursue my modeling career wherever it takes me. I hope to be able to move to a larger city and be successful.


What is your advice to anyone thinking about getting into modeling?

I think that whenever someone critiques you, don’t take it personally and make those adjustments.


What are you most looking forward to in your modeling career?

This question is hard to answer because I am not sure what my future holds.   


Why do you like modeling?

Modeling kind of allows me to be someone else when I get into character. Its kind of like Halloween in September. I have also had the opportunity to meet some really great people and I love to be part of an artistic vision.