What’s In Your Closet? : Men’s Fashion Must-Haves

Guys, listen up, this one’s for you. There are times when it’s okay to dress in a pair of shredded jeans and a t-shirt and there are times when a classier wardrobe is required. You may not know much about fashion or style but here are a few things that every guy should have in his closet:


At least two pairs of dress shoes.

Every guy should at least have one black pair and one brown pair. A good choice is Oxfords. They’re sleek, classy and casual enough to wear with just about anything.


A few nice ties

There will always be some special occasion that requires a tie. Have at least a few solid colored ties at the ready! Black and navy will match almost anything.


Fitted Jeans

They should be dark wash and plain with no bling or visible stitching. They can easily be dressed up or dressed down.


At least one tailored suit

Suits can be expensive, especially if you don’t wear one often, but every man deserves to have at least one bespoke suit. Keep in mind that there are different styles and cuts of suits. Study them and pick the one that will suit you the best.












A nice cardigan…or a few


Going somewhere casual that just requires a t-shirt and jeans but still want to look nice? No problem. Add a cardigan to any outfit to immediately dress it up a bit while maintaining the casual vibe. Try having a few different colors and styles to change up your look a bit.



Casual but still dressy. Khaki is a must-have and owning a pair in navy wouldn’t hurt either.



Blazers are perfect for those occasions when you want to dress up but not too much. They go well with jeans, slacks and chinos, depending on how casual you want to keep it. This is another item you would probably want in navy as well as black.


Oxford shirt

Need an instant outfit? Wear this with your dark wash jeans and blazer. Now you’re ready! You can never go wrong with it and it matches just about everything. Have one. Have a few. White and pale blue are always two good colors.




 A nice watch

A nice watch doesn’t have to mean an expensive watch. Make sure it’s analog with a leather or metal band. It’s a lot more professional and tasteful than pulling out your phone to check the time.


Leather Jacket

A nice, black leather jacket is a good way to keep warm and stylish without wearing a bulky coat. It looks well over a sweater, plaid shirt, or just a Henley.



Dress boots

A nice pair of boots is perfect for winter time. They’re more stylish than sneakers and more casual than dress shoes. Both leather and suede do the trick.



The key is in the details

Little things can make your outfit looks that much more put together. One tip is to make sure you have a proper gig line. This means that your shirt edge, belt buckle, and zipper flap are all aligned together. The symmetry is pleasing to the eye and makes you look very well put together.


gig line



Also, this might go without saying, but always make sure that your clothes are pressed and lint free.