Promo Girl Survivor Pack

When you are first starting out in the promotion world you don’t really know what to expect. There’s a large variety of jobs which make it a little difficult to pack accordingly. Over the years I’ve built the perfect bag of essentials that I take to EVERY promo! It contains ten simple items that will keep you prepared for whatever your promo throws at you

#1 Black Flats

Most jobs require you to match your partner. Nine times out of ten my partner and I will get so excited about our outfits that we decide to wear heals not meant for a 4-6     hour promo. After one very long wine tasting I decided to always keep a back up pair of flats in my bag!

#2 Black Jacket

Most of the promotions I work are in local bars and restaurants but every once in a while I’ll stumble upon a grocery store promo. These are great except for one thing…’s FREEZING! My first one was during spring break in PCB so I was wearing shorts and a tank top. They had me stand right next to the beer cooler. Needless to say I froze for a solid 5 hours. It didn’t take long before I added a black jacket to my bag.


#3 Sunglasses!

A lot of bars are located on beautiful Pensacola Beach. If you know anything about our beaches you probably know just how magically white the sand is. So white in fact that without sunglasses it will blind you! Temporarily of course 😉 That being said I always keep a back up pair of shades in my bag for those extra sunny days.



#4 Headache Medicine

Running around looking like your having the best time of your life can drain you. Most of the time I forget to drink my water and end up dehydrated by the end of the promo. It’s always good to keep headache medicine handy!

#5 Water Bottle!

A water bottle is heaven when you’re running around shouting at people in a loud crowded bar! Staying hydrated is key to a successful promo. Especially in the Florida heat. if you don’t want your voice to go out at the end of the night make sure you keep one of these around.
P.S. Don’t forget to actually drink it! 😅


#6 Girly Things  

Brush, Makeup, Tampons, Sunscreen, Chap stick, FACE WIPES! These are all things you need no matter what type of promo you’re doing. Outside promos in Florida can get very hot! Face wipes and back up make up are a must. Don’t forget about the humidity! I always keep a brush and some oils on hand to keep the frizz at bay. There’s been more than one time when a partner or myself have needed an emergency tampon. It’s a life savor when someone actually has an extra in their bag! Last but not least sunscreen and chapstick. Those tank top lines are really hard to get rid of! Don’t forget your sunscreen when you’re working outside promos.

#7 Snacks!

When working restaurant promos you are watching tables eat delicious food all night. This can be a bit unpleasant if you’re hungry! Make sure to pack some snacks for those quick water breaks. I always bring a chewy granola bar because they are easy to eat, they don’t make a mess and they’re delicious!


#8 Phone Charger

Most of the time promos require you to take pictures of or with the people holding your swag (free promotional items)! A dead phone can pose an issue. I always keep a charger in my bag just in case!

#9 Headphones

If you’ve worked any festival you know it’s long hours and a good amount of down time. Enough down time to relax but not enough to leave the festival. That being said it’s always nice to have a pair of headphones for those short breaks when you want to just get away for a second. it’s also nice for phone calls. It’s easier to talk and listen through the headphones when there’s a lot of festival noise in the background.

…..last but not least



#10 Don’t forget to actually bring your survival pack to the promo!

As Brand Ambassadors (fancy name for promo models) we tend to be in a rush. There’s a lot to do, places to go, and things to forget. Make sure you keep your bag in your trunk stocked and ready to go. The night I receive my confirmation email I usually grab my bag and stick it in my car. That way when I’m rushing on the promo day I don’t have a chance to forget it!