Promo Modeling FAQ

Below are a few FAQ’s for anyone who might be interested in promo modeling for IZON.

What do promo models do?

Promo models are responsible for promoting a brand or product. You’ll see them at all kinds of events, handing out  samples or showcasing a product.

Do I need experience?

Typically, yes, but we will also be willing to work with someone new.

What is expected of me?

First and foremost, you should be knowledgeable about the product you’re promoting. Prior to working, the client will send you information on the product and you’ll have to study it very carefully so that you can properly promote the product. Promo models should be friendly, talkative, outgoing and willing to answer questions from potential customers.

This is a job that you were hired to do and you should treat it like any other job. Be on time, be professional and remember that you are also representing IZON.

Will I be receiving any training?

Yes, sometimes there is training required before working.

What kinds of products will I be promoting?

While it is mostly alcohol, there are also opportunities for promo models to promote chocolate, hunting gear, sunscreen, juice and various other products.

How do I become a promo model?

You can submit with IZON by sending in your photos, measurements and resume (if you have one) to our website at