Qualities of a good Spokesmodel

Short and sweet and to the point… that’s our blog for today (and a little about our spokesmodel Lindsy Neil). 🙂 She’s definitely sweet and knows how to get to the point with grace, ease and an infectious smile! Lindsy is the type who never meets a stranger. She’s great with impromptu interviews and getting a perfect stranger to laugh and talk with her as if they’ve been friends forever. Those are great qualities in a spokesperson and absolute necessary qualities in a good spokesperson.

A good spokesmodel needs to be quick on their feet, have a quick wit, be extremely friendly and approachable, and be able to carry on a conversation with anyone of any class, race, or education level with ease and intelligence. Sounds easy? Hardly. Not everyone can engage in conversation about something they may not have any interest in or  know anything about or with someone they have never met and make it appear as if it is an absolute favorite topic of theirs and they are talking to the one person they have always wanted to meet—and make it look genuine. It takes talent and  skill. It requires the gift of gab, an outgoing personality and the skill to genuinely care about the person, topic or product you are representing. 

Here is IZON Spokesmodel Lindsy Neil in her latest video for BE Beverly Hills hair product line… Inspire. Very natural and very real.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/24560035]