Summer Workout Tips from a Victoria’s Secret Model!

Summer is here! And during the summer, it’s important to remember to get some exercise and stay fit. Who better to give some workout tips than a Victoria’s Secret bikini model?Here’s an exclusive interview with Jasmine Tookes from Learn how she keeps in shape while promoting Victoria’s Secret’s new workout clothes.


StyleList: What is your absolute favorite workout to do? 
Jasmine Tookes: I love doing weight training, and also a barre class called Physique 57.

SL: What does your typical week look like when it comes to exercising? 
JT: I alternate between days doing legs, back, abs & butt workouts. Usually 4 to 5 times a week.

SL: Living an athletic, balanced lifestyle is essential to being truly healthy — does this kind of regimen come easily to you or is it something you’ve had to work for? 
JT: I think It has started to come easy to me because of my job. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as stay fit because I am always shooting with minimal amounts of clothing. 😉

You can watch Jasmine doing her workout routine HERE and HERE.

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