Swallow your frog and drink more water!

So, the new year is here and along with it typically comes New Year’s Resolutions. We’re 9 days into the year. How are you doing so far? If you are like most, you were great and gung-ho in the beginning and then decided that it was too much work to try and improve that much! I mean, honestly, is anyone really as perfect as they decided to be at the start of the new year?

Instead of the everyday, cliche resolutions that I won’t stick to, I decided to just be happy this year. That means do things, go places and surround myself with people that make me, personally, happy. And, I mean deep down, warm all-over, fuzzy-feeling happy. Not just, “oh that’s nice” happy. I’ve decided it’s the year of ME. Sounds a little selfish, perhaps, but I figure if I’m happy, then it will funnel down to those around me. Besides, it is after all, 2012, and if you believe in the Mayan calendar, we only have a few months left. So why not be happy? 

In order to do this, I spent some time reflecting on what kinds of things make me happy and came up with a list of my favorite things. They may not be things you expect, but they are things that either make my life easier or better. And that, my friends, makes me VERY HAPPY! Perhaps they will help you a little, too. Maybe you could make your own list. It’s a little therapeutic and a great reminder if you need a little shake up every now and then.

Favorite Products:
1) iRobot Roomba – Best invention ever! I come home and my floors are dog hair free.
2) Jabra Cruiser2 Bluetooth Handsfree Speaker – Not only does it keep you safe on the road while chatting, but it can play your music library or Pandora through your stereo via the bluetooth and FM frequency. Just plain awesome!
3) Nike+ for ipod – A must have if you are a runner/walker. Where else are you going to get Dirk Nowitzki telling you that you are doing a great job?
4) H2O+ Skincare Line – Heaven in a bottle and jar. My skin has never been better. No, seriously!
5) Pandora – In particular the Relaxation channel. Can’t sleep without it.

Favorite Advice:
1) Swallow your frog. – It’s an expression meaning to tackle the worst thing on your to-do list first. Get it over and the rest of the day is a breeze.
2) Get rid of the to-do list. – It’s a constant stress taunting you and mocking you every day, especially if you don’t accomplish everything on the list. So get rid of it and do what you can. But, don’t forget to swallow your frog.
3) Smile all the way down to your liver. – Advice from Elizabeth’s Guru in “Eat, Pray, Love”. It means smile with your whole being. I try to do this as I drift off to sleep to the Relaxation channel. It’s amazing how it calms my 150 mph mind.
4) Put a fresh bottle of water by your bed at night. – When you wake up it’s there to drink and you can have one bottle done before you leave in the morning. And we all know we need to drink more water. (Thank you @petershankman.)
5)Check your calendar every night before you go to bed. – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten up in the morning and been surprised by an early something or another at one of my kids’ school or for work. Check it before you go to bed, and whalah!, no surprises!

Favorite times:
1) House full of kids – Love when my kids invite “the gang” over for football games, movies or game night. It’s loud, crazy, loud, and oh-so-fun!
2) Girls weekends – I can say no more than that. It would be a violation of Girls’ Law. What happens on a girls’ trip, stays on a girls’ trip.
3) Spa retreat – All day in a luxurious spa like Canyon Ranch with your bestie and no phones or computers, wrapped in lush robes, sipping on citrus water in the steam room with ice cold cucumbers on your eyes and then bathing for what seems like hours in the umpteen-head shower… priceless. There’s no word for how refreshed, and clean, you feel after.
4) Impromptu gatherings with close friends – A few adult beverages, some munchies and Just Dance 2… now that’s the making for a fun evening!
5) Family night – Just us. The four of us. The ultra-competitive, four of us, circled around a game board vying for bragging rights on game night. Or, curled up together on the couch under blankets watching a movie. I have a child leaving for college soon. These particular nights are the most precious. There are very few left.

The thought of him leaving makes me very sad. Sadder than I ever imagined. And, that is the driving force behind my quest for happiness this year. It will be a year of major change and sadness for us, so striving for happiness is not only a goal, but is going to be a necessity to stay sane!

Good luck in the New Year. And, be happy!