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5 Myths of Pilot Season

We hear on a regular basis from clueless novice actors or actor wanna-bes how easy it is to break into acting in LA. They’re just going to move out there, get signed and land a┬ámajor role. Funny! We really just have to chuckle. It’s amusing how so many know more about our business than we […]

An Excerpt on Entitlement, Millenials and Fashion Options

The below is taken from Peter Shankman’s blog. Mr. Shankman is a very highly respected and regarded expert in the fields of Customer Service, Social Media, Marketing, Advertising and PR. What he has to say typically encourages dialogue and debate. We feel what he has to say in this blog post is spot on. We […]

If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…

You’ve heard it before. Maybe from a teacher or your mother. “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.” Your mother may have been referring to what you were saying about a classmate or so-called friend, but this can honestly apply in all aspects of your life–as a child and an […]