Worst blog ever! (IZON blog 4/25/11 #fb)

Honestly, this has to be the worst blog ever or I am just simply the worst blogger ever. You can’t exactly have a blog site and never write on it. MY SINCEREST APOLOGIES. Truly. To my defense, things have been a bit hectic around IZON, so a few things had to take a back seat. Unfortunately, one of them was the blog. But, there’s good news! We are back and better than ever.

Beginning Monday, May 2, and continuing over the next several weeks, we will be posting a video blog series, “Big Market Modeling Boot Camp”. This “blogumentary” will document a group of models as they go through their preparation and training for the somewhat intimidating process of interviewing at agencies in the fashion capital of the world–New York City. 

Each summer, IZON takes a group to New York to “make the rounds” for consideration for summer placement. Walking in cold and unprepared into an interview at a New York agency can be the kiss of death for an otherwise beautiful model with “the look”. How well can she shoot a polaroid? How is her eye contact? Can he hold a conversation? Does he come across as stuck-up and aloof? How much work will be required to get this kid ready? Is he ready to go on castings now and will he win over the clients? There are so many factors outside of a model’s physical beauty that affect an agency’s decision making process. So, follow along as we take this group of hopefuls from uncertainty and apprehension to confidence and excitement.

Each week, our group will work on various facets of a model’s everyday world such as shooting a polaroid, test shooting, personal presentation, castings and go-sees, walking, hair and makeup, the art of under-styling, interviewing, etc.

Check the blog each Monday for updates on “Big Market Modeling Boot Camp” and to follow the development of our new crop of hopefuls. Blog series begins Monday, May 2.