Promo Modeling FAQ

Below are a few FAQ’s for anyone who might be interested in promo modeling for IZON. What do promo models do? Promo models are responsible for promoting a brand or product. You’ll see them at all kinds of events, handing out  samples or showcasing a product. Do I need experience? Typically, yes, but we will […]

Promo Girl Survivor Pack

When you are first starting out in the promotion world you don’t really know what to expect. There’s a large variety of jobs which make it a little difficult to pack accordingly. Over the years I’ve built the perfect bag of essentials that I take to EVERY promo! It contains ten simple items that will […]

Embracing fashion and what it stands for

Fashion is an always-present concept throughout life and is constantly changing. Sometimes it’s hard to really embrace and showcase your fashion taste because of the fear the others will judge you. Fashion is all about showing your creative side and showcasing who you are through your style. That’s the best thing about fashion, every piece […]

20 Questions with Bailey McCrackin

In light of Bailey signing with Elite Miami, we decided to pop in on her digitals being taken and do our first episode of 20 Questions. Learn about her favorite part of modeling and her guilty pleasure love of boybands.

Protecting our Kids from Predators – Part 2 of 2

It’s the holiday season. Kids are home from school and will be busy on their phones. Social media is most likely the number one reason your child is on their phone. It’s a thing and it’s not going away. It’s important to their social status, their social lives and their young teen and tween lives in general. […]

Protecting our Kids from Predators – Part 1 of 2

This is the first of two parts. It’s a difficult subject, but so important. Please read to learn and understand how to protect your kids. Predators are out there among us. There are two main ways they are reaching our kids: 1) Personal interaction and 2) Social media. We all know as parents to pay attention […]

Life of a Model: On Set With Meredith

A lot of jobs our models get booked for are commercial. This means that the models are used to promote things like tourism or local businesses. After being signed to IZON for just a few years, Meredith is one of our busiest models. We thought you might like to see what commercial modeling was like, […]

Life of a Model: Walk the Runway With Cierra L.

If you’ve ever dreamed of walking the runway,  then you might think you have an idea of what it’s like from movies or tv shows. IZON model, Cierra L. is a natural when it comes to the catwalk. She’s walked in several shows and has recently signed with Wilhelmina Miami! We asked Cierra to answer […]

Life of a Model: Bailey M.

We have a special treat for everyone today! If you’ve been keeping up with IZON news, then you know that one of our very own, Bailey M., was recently signed to Wilhelmina Miami! Bailey went to Miami to do some test shoots earlier this month and she’ll be moving there permanently very soon! We asked her […]

Fit Modeling: The job you’ve probably never heard of

  When you think of modeling, chances are you probably picture some of the beautiful faces you come across in magazines or billboards. However, there is another form of modeling that is virtually unheard of for those outside of the business… Fit Modeling. Believe it or not, Fit Modeling has nothing to do with Fitness […]