Cyber Scouting Warning

IZON Models and Talent is committed to protecting the safety, personal information, images, and well-being of models and those wanting to become a model. Please be aware that there are individuals on the internet falsely representing themselves as scouts or representatives of IZON Models in an attempt to prey on your modeling ambitions. Before responding to an individual, please be sure to check their authenticity first.

IZON Models scouts in the following ways:

  1. Submissions sent via the IZON Models website.
  2. Submissions sent via US Postal Service
  3. Open Call
  4. Personal referrals

Please note that IZON Models:

  • Will NEVER request photos in the nude or in lingerie.
  • Will NEVER require the payment of money to audition or be seen.
  • Does NOT offer portfolio building sessions, classes or career guarantees.
  • Would only contact a model via email with the IZON domain of

If you are “scouted” or contacted by someone claiming to be a representative of IZON Models:

  • Do not provide any personal information to anyone contacting you online such as address, phone number, date of birth, etc.
  • Contact our office at 850-433-2099 to verify that person’s identity.
  • Beware of requests for interviews via Skype. IZON does not conduct interviews via Skype, social media or email. We meet prospective models in person.
  • Be cautious of urgent requests. Cyber criminals will often create a sense of urgency when trying to defraud you.
  • Never reply to emails that request your credit card details, password or other data. IZON Models will NEVER request such data by email.
  • Try to verify the identity of individuals you are communicating with online by calling or emailing the company they claim to work for.

If you should have any questions about a notice or contact you have received, please contact IZON Models at 850-433-2099 or